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Wire On DemandWire on Demand is S&W Wire's unique set of services to our clients. Magnet wire when you need it in the amount you need. Because we are a leading distributor of magnet wire and hollow conductor tubing we keep a large inventory at all times, which means we have the wire when you need it. We also sell our products in the amount you need rather than forcing you to buy an entire spool.

We don't just stop there; we also offer wire re-spooling to protect its properties ensuring that the magnet wire you purchase offer the same characteristics as a full spool. We also offer stocking programs so that we can anticipate your production schedule and have your order ready, reducing the chances of downtime because you have to wait for your supply to arrive at the warehouse.

Finally we offer testing to ensure that the magnet wire you buy meets all the specifications for your application and ensures a consistent product you can rely on in your manufacturing.


For more information about wire on demand program please call 724-772-0049 or click here to contact us or request a quote

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